SER Hydraulics

The S.E.R. Story

Who We Are

‘Sudbury Equipment Repair’ was originally founded by Gerald Perfetto Sr. in 1973 after years of working in the mining industry as a master mechanic.

In 1975, Gerald Sr. invisioned a need for a local supplier specialzing in the repair and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic components. As his vision brought the business to become the leader in the local market, he rebranded ‘Sudbury Equipment Repair’ to ‘S.E.R. Hydraulics Limted’ in 1978.

Since 1978, S.E.R. Hydraulics Limited has become the local leader in custom fluid power engineered solutions, distribution, service and equipment.

What We Do

The S.E.R. team strives to employ advanced technologies to solve problems; our application development and implementation strategies are based solely on client goals and requirements, from mobile controls, filtration to underground stationary equipment. S.E.R. supports the agricultural, mining, forestry, and OEM markets.

Below are just a few products S.E.R. Hydraulics Limited Engineers, manufacturers’ and services:

  • Standard power units
  • Loading pocket power units
  • Crash gate power units
  • Arc gate power units
  • Truck chute power units
  • Loadout power units
  • Brake circuit systems
  • Pneumatic panels
  • Mobile equipment circuit designs & conversions
  • Oil cleanliness particle monitoring & filtation
  • Oil management services
  • Bulk lube station & distribution
  • On-site plumbing installations
  • Component repair
  • On-site troubleshooting & commissioning

Our Service Promise

S.E.R. Hydraulics Limited guarantees our customers to receive a feeling of confidants and professionalism in doing business with us.

Our customers are treated with full respect and honesty.

We pay the utmost attention to your comments and concerns, listening carefully and responding thoughtfully.

As a customer, you are our highest priority! S.E.R. guarantees each customer our complete, undivided attention!